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In vitro site-specific mutagenesis

Human Molecular Genetics 2 conveys the feel of fast-moving research while providing a description in some depth of the techniques and data that are helping …


Creating a deletion by PCR splicing

This site contains protocols, product information and other material for molecular biologists, biochemists, immunologists, and all people interested in …


Site directed mutagenesis

DpnI mediated site-directed Mutagenesis. A highly effective simple method for making site directed lesions in plasmids without subcloning based on the work …


Dut/ung in vitro Site-directed Mutagenesis Protocol
Dut/ung in vitro Site-directed Mutagenesis Protocol. pg. 1. (originally written by M. Davis and P. Bjorkman). revised: 12/20/95 …


PCR Mutagenesis/Co-Transformation Protocol

Stephen Bell wrote:- >Netters, > > I am interested if anyone has a protocol for PCR >mutagenesis of a gene fragment then transforming yeast with >the …


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