Two ways to install Nutch

Option 1: Setup Nutch from a binary distribution

  • Download a binary package ( from here.

  • Unzip your binary Nutch package. There should be a folder apache-nutch-1.X.

  • cd apache-nutch-1.X/

From now on, we are going to use ${NUTCH_RUNTIME_HOME} to refer to the current directory (apache-nutch-1.X/).

Option 2: Set up Nutch from a source distribution

Advanced users may also use the source distribution:

  • Download a source package (

  • Unzip
  • cd apache-nutch-1.X/

  • Run ant in this folder (cf. RunNutchInEclipse)

  • Now there is a directory runtime/local which contains a ready to use Nutch installation.

When the source distribution is used ${NUTCH_RUNTIME_HOME} refers to apache-nutch-1.X/runtime/local/. Note that

  • config files should be modified in apache-nutch-1.X/runtime/local/conf/

  • ant clean will remove this directory (keep copies of modified config files)


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