Huang Yi–an actress in China

Huang Yi, born in Shanghai, China in September 13, 1977, is an actress, director and producer of Chinese mainland. She graduated from the Shanghai Oriental Institute of culture.

In 2001, Huang Yi starred Xijuan novel of the same name according to the television series “the wrong sedan married to Lang”. In 2003, Huang Yi starred in the TV series “the third pieces of heaven.”. The 2007 movie “nine Shiquan the United States”. In 2008, he starred in directing the movie “swing Kou”, which was nominated for the sixty-fifth Venice film festival. The 2009 film “ten attack”. In February 11, 2012, at the first London International Chinese Film Festival, Huang Yi won the “best supporting actress” award in the “battle of drugs” as a “best supporting actress”. In the same year, she appeared in the movie “magic”. In 2013, he appeared in the movie “poison warfare”, playing the capable and anti drug police. In the same year, in the movie “overheard 3”, played the gangster eldest sister; the same year in the film “prehistoric monster”. In 2015, the movie “wine” in history and culture.

Huang Yi and  husband Huang Yiqing was divorced more than three years ago, quarrel for the daughter’s custody, visitation rights, has never stopped.


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