All Inout Scripts and Reviews in detail

General speaking, inoutscripts guys are a phishing scamming team. Their goal is money only. Their scripts are full of bugs and errors. Some of them are 10 years old without updating. They are Indian located in Kerala.


  1. I have used most of these Inout Scripts. I purchased 13 of them.
  2. They are just liars, since they don’t have the technology of big data. The hypertable/Hadoop is not working at all. It would take 50 years to fill 10 TB storage according to our calculation. The Inout spider can just crawl about 2000 pages per day.
  3. Some of the inourscripts can cause the server down, since they produce a ton of error log every day.
  4. The sites are super slow. They will blame you whichever servers you use. I tried our own servers and bluehost. The results were the same. Our own sites have been running very fast.
  5. The inout search engine is not compatible with inout spider. It brings results not consistent with keywords.
  6. The inout scripts are not SEO. You can just get little traffic however you try.
  7. The webportal is not working. You’ll never get something like Yahoo as they overstated.
  8. The cronjob of inoutscripts adserver is not working. The addons are not compatible.
  9. The inout articlebase has injection defects.
  10. The inout celebrities is not responsive design. If you need a mobile mode, they will charge $480-800 as customization.
  11. The inout queryspace is still using PHP 5.4 which is not supported by the official site.
  12. The webmail ultimate can’t be used to send or receive emails. It is a knid of malware that will get security warning from chrome and google.
  13. I purchased 4 APPs, but they did not give me any one.
  14. You can log into the inout socialtitles but can’t log out from it sometimes. It does not have an email confirmation and recap feature. If you need these functions, they will charge you for customization. My site were attacked and spammed repeatedly.
  15. They never refund you once you transfer the $$$. Yes, you’ll never get any effective support from the staff.
  16. Just a few of them here. I’ll tell you uch more bugs and errors of Inout Scripts later.


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