My real story! Too greedy! These Inout Scripts Scammers

Fooled by their advertising online, I bought their inout search engine and its addons for 1070 USD, and Inout Spider for $2950. the so called big data based spider not only stopped crawling after installation, but produced huge amount of errro log and core files that caused the server down finally. On the other hand, the Inout Spider was not compatible with the Inout search engine v8. I contacted their support and head Kumar, but they did not get them fixed with one year.

They said they could provide reinstallation of the same script, but wanted to charge $80 more. I guessed the things would happen, since they did not revise the scripts.

With my suggestion, they agreed that they could install the Nutch to replace the Inout spider, but they had to charge $480 for the Nutch installation and integration with Inout search engine. I had no choice and paid the money by Paypal. What happened next? The Nutch they installed did not work. It had just crawled 6GB data with 5 months, and it did not match with the Inout search engine. They said it might be the limitation of Nutch. You know Nutch is an open source enterprise spider having been used by a lot of commercial websites with no limitation.

Finally, they took the cash and left me nothing working. They did not refund, and did not fix the issues.

We sued to Paypal, but Paypal said this was not physical items, and they could not guaranteed the safe purchasing.

The team of scammers are Jacob, Kumar, Nair, and Saranya.

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