Review: Inoutscripts Socialtitles v2.0

What’s wrong with Inoutscripts Socialtitles v2.0

15 months ago, I searched online and was attracted by advertisement by I purchased their Inout Socialtiles v2.0 and its addons for $447 totally.

I found there were no functions of Recap. and email confirmation. The site had been spammed and hacked frequently. I contacted with the tech support, named Nair, and she told me that I had to pay for another $800 costomization fee to add these 2 features.

The speed of this script was very slow.  Sometimes, you logged in but could not logged out. The background picture was unchangeable. The “file share” addon was not working.

They neither refund, nor fixed the script. Actually, they had no professional developers to do the troubleshooting and customization. They are a team of scammers.

Finally, I had to give up the software, and changed into Oxwall.

Believe me. You should not do any business with this criminal company. They are a group of cheaters located in Kerala India. Their main members are Jacob, Kumar, Nair, and Saranya. Their address is located at: 1st Fl, Phase IV Carnival Infopark, Kochi, Kerala 682042, India.

They have other phishing sites:

Phishing site 1.

Phishing site 2.

Phishing site 3.

Phishing site 4.

Phishing site 5.

Phishing site 6.

If you are the victim of Inoutscripts, please contact me freely. Let’s bring these bad guys to justice together.

Inout Socialtiles v2.0                  :447

Inout Socialtiles v2.0                     $249

Mobile addon                                 $99

File share                                         $99


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