Working with DNA

DNA is a big molecule, but it’s still so small that there is no way to physically manipulate DNA.

It is all done chemically using enzymes like reverse transcriptase, polymerase chain
reaction (PCR), sequence analysis, and restriction enzymes. Reverse transcriptase makes

DNA copies of RNA, PCR makes multiple copies of a particular gene and restriction enzymes

cut DNA at specific locations or nujcleotide sequences in a DNA molecule. These reactions are all carried out in vitro without ever seeing a DNA molecule.

DNA storage: Genome DNA can be kept at 4 centigrade refrigerator, while we store plasmid DNA and cDNA at -80 centigrade.

Concentration Measurement: DNA concentration (ul/ml)=OD260nmx50x(fold of dilution)

Purification: It should be pure enough for regular experiments, if the OD260nm/OD280nm is between 1.8-2.0


1. DNA World

2.Video Show about DNA (click to reach the video source)


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