SQL injection vulnerability in Inout Adserver

SQL injection vulnerability in ppc-add-keywords.php in Inout Adserver allows remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary SQL commands via the id parameter


Agree!! Inout Scripts SUCKS!! I bought from them ultimate adserver (Biggest mistake in my entire life!!!) I asked them to refund my money – Didnt and wont happen:(( – Their script – Ultimate adserver is sooo shity that not even their demo sites are working – Ugly interface and hard to modify – have in mind that this assholes offers customized interface design but this have a cost. My personal advice: DONT BUY SHITTY SCRIPTS FROM INOUT!!!! there are better options on the market such as post affiliate wich is kind of expensive but it worth to pay for if compared with any crap developed by inout.

P.S. Inout bastards asked for my testimonial… but because i was telling the true and they dindt like it, wasnt published on their website. They just post fake testimonials that some lazy indians are writting for them.


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