Inoutscripts / Nesote posted fake testimonials themselves to sell scamming scripts

Inout scammers asked me for testimonial, but I refused. They just posted fake testimonials themselves and employed some Indians to write scamming reviews for them.

The Inout Adserver is just full of bugs (errors and warnings). In addition, there is a back door the scammers or hackers can log into your admin area easily. The software is not safe. The money at your account is not safe, either.

They said they could givemore help or refund me if I removed these negative reviews. No, No, No, I would not like to do so.

I have to keep on writing posts or microblog to remind friends of not buying these Inoutscripts / Nesote bug rich and scamming softwares.

Leave Inout Scripts to avoid loss. On the other hnad, please fee free to contact me if you are a victim of Inoutscripts / Nesote. Let’s bring these bad guys to justice.


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