• 1. Su Da, she has the charming appearance, but have a sinister cruel heart! She did everything she could to kill herself. Amanda has been framed as chaos, cruel means, “soy Burger” since taking a penalty. King […]

  • 一)苏妲已===她有妩媚摄魂的外表,却有一颗阴毒残忍的心!她为摄取后位不择手段 临死前还不忘施展媚术。妲已乱商,陷害忠良,极尽残忍之能事,“炝烙”之刑自商出。纣王一世枭雄,被其玩弄于掌股之间,令五百年成汤江山灰飞烟灭。普天之下 红颜乱政,苏妲已为始作俑者。
    (二)褒 姒===她倾国倾城,晶莹剔透:她冷若冰霜,难得一笑。她是烽烟戏诸候的女 主角。她终于笑了,可爱之极,灿烂之极。周幽王也笑了,不过他因她最后的一次笑,骊山角下,成了幽王永远的归宿褒姒,也落了个自缢身亡的结局。周幽王宠褒姒而亡天下的历史教训为历代英君明主引以为戒。
    (三)西 施===古代所谓的四大美女之首,有“沉鱼”之美称,她冰清玉洁,娇弱春花 恰似幽兰含羞。她体态轻盈,身着素衣,清如芙蓉出水,她集后宫…[阅读更多]

  • 中国古代四大美女:沉鱼落雁闭月羞花分别指谁?

  • CRISPRs (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) are part of an adaptive defense mechanism in bacteria and archaea. Use of the CRISPR/Cas9 system for genome editing has been a major […]

  • Travel in the wild

  • Megakaryocytes are the precursor cells of platelets and are bona fide resident cells in the bone marrow but extremely low in numbers (~1% of total nucleated cells). Upon terminal differentiation, megakaryocytes i […]

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a type of obstructive lung disease characterized by long-term poor airflow. The main symptoms include shortness of breath and cough with sputum production. COPD is […]

  • 30 ways to make money fast

    1. Paint numbers on trash cans (wheelie bins for those in Australia). You could even use stickers to identify the proper trash cans. After all, you don’t want someone stealing your bin.
    2. Get paid when you do stuff online. Swagbucks rewards you (you earn points called SB) for taking surveys, watching videos and even p…[阅读更多]

  • 3 Ways to Make Money in School

    College is expensive, and for those of us planning to apply to school soon, we have a lot of saving up to do and not a lot of time to do it. With long school hours, sports practices, rehearsals and other extracurricular activities, working a full-time job isn’t possible. But don’t worry; there are some sch…[阅读更多]

  • Have you been driving down the road and suddenly seen a car drive by plastered in ads for potato chips or an energy drink? Maybe you thought the car belonged to an employee with the company. But a number of a […]

  • Thinking

  • Monica 撰写了一篇新博客文章:C++ and C++ Tutorials 1年, 10个月 之前

    C++ (pronounced cee plus plus /ˈsiː plʌs plʌs/) is a general-purpose programming language. It has imperative, object-oriented and generic programming features, while also providing facilities for low-level  […]

  • Monica 撰写了一篇新博客文章:Cerebral Infarction 1年, 10个月 之前

    Ischemic stroke occurs when a blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain is blocked by a blood clot. This may happen in two ways:

    A clot may form in an artery that is already very narrow. This is called […]

  • Carmen Dell Orefice ; Italian pronunciation: [delloˈreːfitʃe]; born June 3, 1931) is an American model and actress. She is known within the fashion industry for being the world’s oldest working model as of the Sp […]

  • Astronauts on missions to deep space such as Mars may face severe medical emergencies like heart attacks, say experts who suggest that the crew must prepare to deal with potentially fatal illnesses or injuries.
    Experts at the Euroanaesthesia congress in Geneva discussed the unusual and challenging problem of how to perform emergency medical…[阅读更多]

  • Scientists, using the world’s most powerful X-ray laser, have successfully created a molecular black hole consisting of heavy atoms that suck electrons from their neighbours. Researchers from Kansas State University in the US successfully used short pulses of ultra-intense high-energy X-rays to produce a detailed picture of how X-ray radiation i…[阅读更多]

  • 索罗斯:欧盟正面临存亡危机 需彻底自我改造


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