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  • Colon Cancer Symptoms
    Signs and symptoms of colon cancer tend not to be specific. In other words, the signs and symptoms can occur due to a number of different conditions. When colon cancer is detected in its early stages, it may not have even caused symptoms. Symptoms can also vary according to the specific location within the colon where the…[阅读更多]

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    100 Days of Trump: Rightly or wrongly, many consider the first hundred days of a president’s administration to be like a weigh station. For President Trump, that milestone comes on Saturday. While the President and his staff are spinning the start to his term positively, others look at the failure on health care reform and the stalled efforts on…[阅读更多]

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    Ivanka Trump goes to Europe: March’s meeting between President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel was a bit awkward — Trump made some odd jokes, and the lack of a handshake raised many eyebrows. Another Trump will get a chance to make better impression this week, though. The president’s daughter, Ivanka will be going to Berlin on…[阅读更多]

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    Tech earnings: On Wednesday and Thursday, a slew of tech companies will release their quarterly earnings reports. Twitter comes on Wednesday, followed by Google, Microsoft and Amazon on Thursday.
    Twitter is an especially interesting stock to watch this week. The social media focused company is trading close to its all time low and it continues to…[阅读更多]

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    North Korea threatens to sink US aircraft carrier

    North Korea on Sunday threatened to sink an American aircraft carrier that is beginning joint drills with two Japanese destroyers in the western Pacific Ocean.

    The USS Carl Vinson will be joined by the Ashigara and Samidare destroyers in “tactical training” drills near the Philippines, the Japan…[阅读更多]

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    President Donald Trump declared his support for the environment and scientific research on his first Earth Day in the White House amid harsh criticisms over his actions to roll back environmental regulations and proposed cuts to non-military spending, including at the Environmental Protection Agency.

    “Rigorous science is critical to my…[阅读更多]

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    Trump on Earth Day: ‘Rigorous science is critical to my administration’

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    《明镜周刊》(Der Spiegel)报道,德国联邦移民及难民事务管理局(BAMF)告知德国安全机构,数以千计的难民在向当局申请庇护时,自称曾是激进伊斯兰组织塔利班的成员。


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    [bpfb_link url=’’ title=’首页 | 联合早报’ image=”]新加坡、中国、亚洲和国际的即时、评论、商业、体育、生活、科技与多媒体新闻,尽在联合早报。[/bpfb_link]

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    ‘Round-the-horn site-directed mutagenesis – OpenWetWare

    Categories: Protocol | DNA | In vitro …’Round-the-horn_site-directed_mutagenesis


    In vitro site-specific […]

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    [bpfb_link url=’’ title=” image=”]Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.[/bpfb_link]

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    What’s mitochondrial DNA? mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is a genetic material of the mitochondria, the organelles that generate energy for the cell. In mammals, mtDNA makes up less than 1% of the total cellular DNA, b […]

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    Degrade DNA to Get Deoxyribose for GC/MS Analysis

    1. Dissolve 100ug DNA in 200ul distilled water.
    2. Add MgCL2 and sodium acetate to the final concentration of 15mM and 10mM, respectively.
    3. Incubate with 2 units DNAse I at room temperature for 15 minutes.
    4. Add ammonium bicarbonate to the final concentration of 100mM, and then incubate with…[阅读更多]

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    What is ChIP? The principle of ChIP is simple: the selective enrichment of a chromatin fraction containing a specific antigen. Antibodies that recognise a protein or protein modification of interest can be used to determine the relative abundance of that antigen at one or more locations in the genome.

    ChIP consists of the following steps: 1.…[阅读更多]

  • Protocol 1.


    1) Collect 1 X 106 cells after proper treatment.

    2) Pellet cells by spinning at 2,000 rpm, 4C for 5 minutes.

    3) Resuspend cell pellet in 1 ml of cold FCM buffer (5mM EDTA in […]

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    Background of Epigenetics:
    There is far more to genetics than the sequence of building blocks in the DNA molecules that make up our genes and chromosomes. The “more” is known as epigenetics.

    What is epigenetics?
    Epigenetics, literally “on” genes, refers to all modifications to genes other than changes in the DNA sequence itself. Epigenetic…[阅读更多]

  • What are SNPs?

    Single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs (pronounced “snips”) are DNA sequence variations that occur when a single nucleotide (A,T,C,or G) in the genome sequence is altered. For example a SNP […]

  • A Brain for All Seasons — Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate Change

    A Stereotaxic Atlas of the Brain of the Zebra Finch

    Advances in Brain Imaging

    Alternative Medicine and Rehabilitation: A Guide for […]

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